Property Management


Leveraging decades of experience, SL Green’s Property Management Teams oversee the daily operation and maintenance of the SL Green portfolio. Integrated teams of property managers, engineers, mechanical support staff, cleaners, porters, and security and life-safety personnel stringently adhere to quality-control standards to increase asset value, while providing direct property management services to over 80% of SL Green buildings in the New York City portfolio alone. Property Management Teams strive for broad tenant satisfaction by supporting tenants with amenities and creating long-term value through ongoing property enhancements.


Property Management also manages capital improvements for design and construction projects from inception all the way through to daily maintenance. Wrapped in that full-service package is the ability to respond to building emergencies in an era of climate and health dangers by tapping into SL Green’s vast array of professionals who stand ready to address every tenant concern. Exemplary dedication to service is a core component of the SL Green brand that establishes, and maintains, an impressive roster of tenants.