SL Green Information Technology team, Human Resources and Administration team

Information Technology


The Information Technology team at SL Green is responsible for managing the organization’s core technology needs and implementing business-practical solutions. IT is responsible for identifying, installing, customizing, and maintaining business applications. The team also designs and installs our technology infrastructure, while providing a highly cyber-secure and effective environment that supports all of the organization’s technology needs. The focus of the IT team is on reliability, usability, effectiveness, and efficiency. SL Green invests heavily in the future, making all of the underlying technology and physical infrastructure both future-proof and cyber-secure. The IT team is constantly seeking ways of innovating and bringing technology in alignment with the next-generation needs of the business.


People Experience & Administration


SL Green prides itself in identifying and retaining top talent in the real estate industry. Employees are our greatest asset, and our People Experience & Administration team is dedicated to preserving our elite workforce with a robust benefits program that helps ensure we perform at our best every day. Through our committed leadership, we are poised for continued growth and development.