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Improving efficiency is a key focus for SL Green. Through its aggressive program, SL Green capitalizes on education, awareness, and innovative technology to reduce energy, water, and waste consumption.


Commited to Reducing Energy Consumption

Committed to reducing energy consumption 15% by 2020

Through sound efficiency practices and investments

Cutting-edge technologies through lighting, mechanical, and operational efficiency


Preserving Finite Resources for a Sustainable Future

Committed to reducing water use 10% by 2020.

Reduced water consumption by 13 million gallons annually, totaling more than 17 Olympic size swimming pools, by replacing common-area restroom faucets with low-flow aerators

Specify ultra-low flow water fixtures for all new restrooms, utilizing LEED guidelines


Reducing Waste and Promoting Reuse

Committed to diverting 85% of office waste by 2020.

Currently recycle 79% of all portfolio office waste

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